Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Belief in Education

I named this blog to reflect my belief in education. I believe a lot in the value of education and learning both for the kids and for all the adults. I'm famous for talking to my friends about things taht I have learned that sometimes, they have no particular interest in.

I have long enjoyed discussing with my parents friends not the challenges that our kids have but their successes. Not their great special achievements but just the simple things that they've learned. I think basic educational progress is fabulous.

I get particularly worked up when my kids learned the alphabet, when they learned new harder words, when they learned to read, and when they started to write and spell harder and more interesting words.

To help them along, I also have them site and play (work) on VocabularySpellingCity! Grade level pages for key word combinations of grade level, vocabulary / spelling, words / word lists, activities, word games, printable worksheets, etc
Kindergarten Word Lists;
1st Grade Word Lists
2nd Grade Word Lists
3rd Grade Word Lists
4th Grade Word Lists
5th Grade Word Lists 

This site has a free and a paid version with so many different games many of which work for the very youngest kids. Try audio word match for a fun preschool game or fill in the letter. Many great learning games for kids.