Sunday, August 9, 2009 is amazing

I just found and am really enjoying this great vocabulary and spelling website. I'm using it to help my kids get back into the academic mind set this August.

I found their resources section particularly useful:

Contractions - You can build lists using words like: I’ll, we’ll, shouldn’t, and they’re. There are lists of what contractions supports.
Abbreviations - You can build lists using abbreviations such as titles (Mr. Dr, Mrs.), measurements (oz., pt, qt.), and geographic terms (Blvd., Pkwy., and Rd.)
Possessives - SpellingCity has added some sample possessive forms of nouns, both plural and singular, for spelling and grammar practice. For example: aunt, aunts, aunt's, aunts', boy, boys, boy's, boys', lady, ladies, lady's, ladies', doctor, doctors, doctor's, doctors'. As background, SpellingCity has always included both the singular and plural forms of nouns and the the forms of verbs (ex play, playing, played).

What's the Most Popular?

Dolch Words - This collection of Dolch or Sight words is perennially useful. There is both background information and lists ready-to-use.
Compound Words - Kids love studying compound words. Teachers love teaching them. Does your school have a Compound Word Day? It should!
Sound Alike Words or Homophones - All students and many adults benefit from practice distinguishing the right spelling and usage of its and it's; they're, there, and their; and to, too, and two.
Word Confusion - This article reviews homophones, homonyms, homographs, and synonyms. Need a quick reminder? Here it is.

The Heavy Stuff: Research and Articles on Spelling has two articles on the importance of spelling to building successful readers and writers: The Importance of Spelling and Research on Spelling Automaticity.


  1. I was happy to discover your new blog today. I was unable to find a contact link. I hope it's OK that I'm contacting you through a public comment. I've developed an educational program for Windows called SpellQuizzer that helps children learn their spelling and vocabulary words without the battle that parents often have getting them to sit down and write them out while the parents dictate to them. The parent enters the child's spelling words into the software making a sound recording of each word. Then the software helps the child practice his or her words. It really helped my children with their weekly spelling lists. It really helped my children prepare for their weekly spelling lists.

    I see that you have already blogged about SpellingCity is indeed an excellent free tool for teachers and parents. But there are some advantages that SpellQuizzer offers over
    - SpellQuizzer doesn't require an open Internet connection. Many homeschoolers prefer not to have their young children working on a computer with an open Internet connection due to all the undesirable material that is on the Internet. With SpellQuizzer there is no need to expose children to the world wide web.
    - doesn't have recordings of all the words one might wish to practice. For those it does have the sentences used aren't personalized. With SpellQuizzer you can make spelling lists for literally any words (or even facts) you wish your child to practice with. The recordings you make are in your voice rather than a stranger's. And you can personalize the recordings and even make them funny with an amusing sentence or funny voice. I always try to throw in some funny ones for my daughters such as "Handsome: Your daddy is the most handsome man on earth." That one got snickers. :-)
    - may well be around for ever. Or it may go down for good tomorrow. There's no way to know for certain. A person who purchases a license for SpellQuizzer has the software for life whether I stay in business or not.

    As I said, is an excellent free resource and I don't mean to attack it in any way with what I've said above. I'm only pointing out reasons one might prefer a product like SpellQuizzer. I would appreciate your reviewing SpellQuizzer or just mentioning it in Parenting Bible. If you would like to host a giveaway for one of your readers I'd be happy to supply a free license to the winner. Hosting giveaways is a great way to drive new traffic to your blog and help people learn about it. When a blog hosts a giveaway they can Twitter about it and submit the URL of the giveaway to aggregator sites that do nothing but post links to giveaways and special offers. Just Google "blog giveaways" to find a list of sites to submit the giveaway to for distribution. These sites can send a lot of traffic your way. As I said, if you are interested in hosting a SpellQuizzer giveaway I'd be happy to supply a free license for the winner.

    You can learn more about the program at There's a video demo you can watch at Finally, there's a page targeted to homeschooling families at I'd be happy to send you a complimentary license for the software. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you very much!

    Dan Hite
    TedCo Software

  2. Anybody know if SpellingQuizzer is still in business? I would imagine a site like SpellingCity would pretty much have put them out of business.